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Foshan Romax Ceramics Co., Ltd.


The brand of Foshan Romace Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968. It originated from Italian design. It has obtained trademark certification from more than 30 countries including the European Union. It is also registered in many Asian countries (China, China\Taiwan) , Singapore, etc.), adhering to the development concept of "Master of Italian Space Design", and is committed to improving people's high-quality home space experience with Italian design.


In order to continuously improve consumers' home experience, lead the design and application of ceramic tiles in the home, and meet consumer needs, Foshan Romes Ceramics Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation with the Italian ceramic group GRUPPO ROMANI (Romani) Group since 2012 , And at the same time reached close cooperation with the three major Italian design groups STYLGRAPH (Italian Stewarf design company), DIGITAL DESIGN Srl (Italian DD design company), TOSI LAB (Tuchilaf design company), through the international top design trends, launched various The application solutions of category tiles meet the decoration needs of different styles of space.

Foshan Romax Ceramics Co., Ltd. has a global marketing network, covering key cities in the United States, Italy, France, Japan, China\Taiwan, Australia and other countries, and cooperates with world-renowned ceramic brands (Japan TOTO, INAX, etc.) to produce .


The current product line of Rome Magnet covers the mainstream categories of the industry: slate, marble, antique tiles, wood-grain tiles, Italian imported tiles, landscape tiles, wall tiles, polished tiles; the product structure can meet various engineering projects, commercial spaces, and complete installations. The company and home improvement retail channels operate; it has nine major domestic operating companies (Shanghai, Beijing, Foshan, Hangzhou, Anhui, Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Changsha), and at the same time, it has formed strategic cooperation with large logistics institutions to establish complete terminal sales Service and engineering service system, and Rome Magnetics has entered the brand library of more than ten famous real estate and domestic high-end stores, providing professional quality services to the majority of dealers and consumers, and has now become a well-known high-end brand in the minds of consumers , Products are exported to five continents.


Romax Ceramics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


ADD:2nd Floor, Building 8, No. 2377, Shenkun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Foshan Romax Ceramics Co., Ltd.


ADD:Foshan Jihua Road China Ceramics Industry Headquarters West Block D

ROMAX regional contacts across the country

Eastern District: Mr. Lu 138 1831 6397

Southern District: Mr. Huang 139 2591 9558

West District:Mr. Ye 132 2213 1999

North District: Mr. Chen 135 0101 0119

Guangdong: Mr. Jiang 186 7518 8044
Sichuan and Chongqing: Mr. Zhang 185 7572 1986
Northeast: Mr. Wu 135 4253 6111




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